Friday, July 16, 2010

hey im sending you some pictures!!!
Dear Family

I don't really remember the things that i was supposed to write... sorry... you should probably send those things to me in your next email.
You're probably not going to get this email til your back in Maine... but anyway, I'm gunna send you some pictures from my stay at the MTC and a few here in Portugal!
No its been awesome!!! so my comp ended up being Elder De Hoyos who was my MTC lone leader when i got to the MTC, so he´s only been out in the field 6 weeks longer then i have. no were in a little town called LoulĂ©. its on the southern tip of the country, and our area is decently big, its about the same size as our branch boundaries. actually if you compare our branch to yours, there pretty similar. except for the fact that i think there more primary children in LoulĂ©.
No Portugal is amazingly gorgeous! i look out the window every morning and see the parrellipipidos, or cobble stones, and am astounded at the beauty!
no speaking of the branch... we have about 70 people that come each week. but that means that we only need 50 more to attend to get the attendance up to quasi ward status. so that's our goal, 50 reactivated, coming, and or baptized!!! that will get this area rolling again!!!
as i think i said in my last letter, Lisbon Portugal is the highest baptizing mission in Europe!!! all it would take is a little more faith and a lot more work to make it the Highest baptizing mission in the world!!!~
OK now i have a question for Evan and Danny:
why did you decide to get baptized?
i'm teaching this 9 ear old joven right now and he needs a little motivation, i think it would be cool if Evan and Danny sent me back responses and i translated them into Portuguese. no to kids name is Bruno he´s an awesome kid!
ok on a separate note, a little more about Elder De Hoyos. his dad is in the first quorum of the seventy, actually his dad took over for grandpa in Mexico. um elder De Hoyos is from Mexico, and speaks fluent English, Portuguese, and Spanish. he´s super cool and is a decent cook!
lets see any more about Portugal? i'm sure there's a ton more... but i cant think of anything...
um the pictures i sent are really random and don't have a lot to do with anything at all, but oh well...
well i think that's all,
com amor
Elder McClellan

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Flight to Utah

Family, Friends, and everybody else that i love with all my heart:
Today was awesome!!! my first day at the MTC was an amazing experience!
the past three days were a new kind of experience. starting on Monday. the stake president gave me an assignment to place a book of Mormon before i got to Idaho... i am proud to say that i completed this assignment.
i was in the airport in Chicago when i decided to get a hot dog (like all good stories this story begins with food!) this hot dag was a large dog with all the fixens! but there was a problem with that. the onions, and pickles and all other various and sundry condiments fell all over the ground and my suit, but i didn't notice that until later. embarrassed i quickly told the lady sitting across from me that my food was just getting away from me, and walked off.
i boarded the plane and sat down, a man sat down next to me, i offered my name he offered his, to be honest i don't remember his name, but it hardly matters. he was going to salt lake for an information security conference, we really hit it off... but right after landing i found that he had fallen asleep... this was depressing because i had wanted to give him that book of Mormon that my stake president had given me. i prated that i would have guidance as to who and when i should give the Book of Mormon away. i tried to give it away but i never found an opportunity.
after the plane landed we parted and went our separate ways. i thought i had failed. but i made an oath to President Quinn that i would find a person to give it too. so i sat and i waited for my bus ride over to Idaho falls. a lady sat next to me. i was instantly happy. i thought i had recognized, it turns out she was the lady that i had spilled my hot dog in front of. i still hadn't cleaned it off the bottom of my pants, heck i hadn't even noticed it yet. i struck up a conversation with her. we talked i found out her name was Lilian and that she was from Africa. that was cool. but the conversation came to religion. i found out she was a reformed Christian and that she viewed religion as a way of life. she had Christ as her center... i talked about how i too had Christ at the center of my life and that the book of Mormon was another testament of Jesus Christ... i told her that if she read the book that she would come closer to Christ.
as most good stories this story ended well! she took the book and said that she would try to read it...
well I'm now at the MTC.
my mailing address is
Elder Davis Lynn McClellan
MTC Mailbox # 132
POR-LIS 0707
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
thank you all for your support and for all your love!

First Post

Well, it's official. I've been a missionary mom for one month now--and I love it. I am so proud of Davis. He has prepared his entire life for this and now he is living up to his potential as well as I could ever have imagined. Following will be his letters to us and our letters to him.

Thank you Davis for making me such a happy Missionary Mom!